Consultation to insurance companies, locum agencies and large independent medical providers

Dr Van Zwanenberg is available on a consultancy basis for the following services:

  • Business development advice
  • Clinical input for contract procurement
  • Consultation regarding policy development
  • Setting and investigating of clinical standards
  • Responsible Officer

Dr van Zwanenberg has worked both within the NHS and the independent sector as a senior clinician, a senior medical manager and as a Responsible Officer. Please see the “About” page for a brief summary and if you would like further details of her experience relevant to your company please contact her via

Dr van Zwanenberg currently provides consultation at Board level to large independent mental health services. Additionally, she can offer consultancy to medical locum agencies who provide doctors to psychiatric services and regarding business development including during tendering processes. Dr van Zwanenberg offers insurance companies consultancy regarding business development and complex clinical scenarios. Additionally, she is available on a consultancy basis to provide psychiatric teaching to locum doctors within large agencies and to relevant personnel within insurance companies.

To get in touch please e-mail